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Experience & Network

Clients need someone on their side who knows the score and will say so without fear or favor.

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Mobile in Tokyo Fixers

Boots on the Ground

Consider, when entering any new space; Stop, Look and Listen. A good local guide is critical.

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Custom Research
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Actionable Intelligence

Global clients have specific needs for timely and accurate information - that's what we do.

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Bespoke Consulting
An Alternative Approach

Advisory Services

Projects sometimes require new eyes from the outside with fresh ideas and talented contacts.

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It's Not What You Know - Or - Who You Know.. It's Both!

Japan hosts the world's most advanced wireless ecosystem and our clients gain valuable insights to relevant offerings via our personal connections with key local industry players. We help them understand the domestic landscape and identify the success factors, extracting actionable lessons with business potential for timely deployments, relevant to emerging mobile markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas and elsewhere.

Our private on-demand services offer a unique opportunity to discover first-hand how this country has amassed valuable and exportable experience in advanced networks, business models, terminals, contents, services and related enabling technologies. Simply put, we are the quintessential canary in a coal mine!


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